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Activen is a biotech company that has pioneered a new class of actives for the dermo-cosmetic industry.  

Activen scouts the genomic sequences of living organisms to find promising actives. Our research has helped us identify an untapped source of natural molecules that are particularly well suited for dermo-cosmetic applications: miniproteins™. 

Miniproteins™ are proteins that are small enough to penetrate the skin and offer high and specific efficacy on a given target. They are highly potent and safe, which makes them ideal candidates to become the new generation of active ingredients.

Activen is a pioneer in this field and has developed a unique database of more than 100'000 miniproteins™ to date. With less than 1% of these miniproteins™ having known functions, a multitude of powerful and innovative applications have yet to be discovered.

Activen has two active ingredients on the cosmetic ingredient market and R&D programs in the fields of anti-aging and regenerative dermatology, neuro-dermatology, and immuno-dermatology.


Miniproteins™ are natural molecules that can be chemically synthesised or bioproduced according to the highest quality standards. We deliver miniproteins™ active ingredients with a constant level of purity and full traceability thanks to a simple supply chain avoiding extraction processes, high volume logistics and reliance on feedstocks.

Importantly, we do not extract from nature. Thanks to the high potency of our actives, we can minimize the quantity produced, thus our ecological footprint.


In addition to the unique attributes of our miniproteins™, another Activen distinctive characteristic is the way we research our active ingredients.


We choose to target specific receptors on specific cells (such as nervous cells, immune cells, keratinocytes, melanocytes, or fibroblasts) usually inaccessible to conventional active ingredients.


Therefore, we aim to provide innovative actives that are best-in-class in decisive health and beauty fields, which are now our core area of competence.



By acting primarily on fibroblasts or keratinocytes, we target receptors & pathways that strongly impact the extracellular matrix and trigger the release of key compounds such as collagen. Our platform is uniquely positioned to develop miniproteins™ capable of targeting receptors that are normally activated by Growth Factors such as EGF of bFGF, thus opening the door to unprecedented capabilities in skin regeneration.



At Activen we have developed the expertise to modulate muscle and neuron cells to achieve extraordinary results in aesthetics.

Our ambition in this field is to offer topical alternatives to more invasive procedures, for customers looking for more convenient, affordable, and pain-free approaches. Our first active in this area, XEP®-018 miniproteins™, is a best-in-class muscle relaxant that reduces the fine lines & wrinkles in as fast as 2 hours.



By targeting specific receptors of immune cells or melanocytes, Activen addresses a fundamental area of skin health and beauty: protection against external threats and internal imbalance. Our skin is constantly exposed to events that have a direct impact on skin condition and affect the way it looks and feels. Dealing with irritants, sunlight, maintaining microbiote’s and skin cell homeostasis to avoid the development of skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis or psoriasis, are the focus of our pipeline.

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