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XEP®-716 is a growth factor miniprotein™ naturally occurring in some living organisms and discovered by Activen.

The vast potential of growth factors in skin renewal, tissue regeneration and wound healing has been widely demonstrated in regenerative medicine.

Among growth factors, TGF-ß is considered to have the broadest spectrum of action in tissue regeneration, making it a primary focus for skin rejuvenation.


However, these growth factor proteins are too big to penetrate the skin.

In contrast, the XEP®-716 miniprotein™ can penetrate the skin thanks to its much smaller size and its 3D folded structure. It can therefore be applied daily as a cosmetic formulation and deliver its multipotent rejuvenating action.

Thanks to its extensive research and development, Activen is proud to offer a brand-new class of actives with unprecedented efficacy potential to innovative and leading-edge brands.

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