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XEP®-018 is a muscle relaxant miniprotein™ naturally present in the venom of the sea snail Conus consors that lives in the Pacific Ocean. This predatory snail uses this miniprotein™ to immobilize its prey rapidly & efficiently.

The key role of muscle relaxants in the treatment and prevention of wrinkles has been established by decades of experience in botulinum toxin injections, which have proved highly potent and safe. Muscle relaxation beneath the skin rapidly reduces wrinkles and, in the long run, improves facial appearance and psychological well-being.

Contrary to botulinum toxin, the XEP®-018 miniprotein™ is small enough to penetrate the skin and thus doesn’t need to be injected to exert its muscle relaxant activity.

Thanks to its extensive research and development, Activen is proud to offer a brand-new class of actives with unprecedented efficacy potential to innovative and leading-edge brands.

XEP®-018 miniprotein™ has been clinically tested to smooth skin surface and prevent the (re)appearance of common signs of aging.

Our clinical studies have shown measurable and perceived consumer benefits after only 2 hours and cumulative effects after 1 month.

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